Portrait of a Cage

Under the helmet is a cage
Screwed firmly to each other
In the cage lies a blood-thirsty thing
Prowling prowling prowling
Removing the helmet will remove the cage
Making bestial blood gush forth
When kissing their mates
The sound of bars scraping and clanging
Can be heard 7 or 8 houses away
A soft cage issues first from it’s mother’s hole
When born an empty cage of air
A head enters a compound
And comes out with a cage instead
Cages recognize one another by the stench of blood
Cages dare not glance at mirrors
Lest they notice their heads missing
Knowing they will never own a head again
Heats their blood to murderous point
The Devil’s howl
Is their vow to protect
One another.

Zeyar Lynn
15 April, 2021

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