Statement to the World at large

Monday, 8 February, 2021 03:28
Yangon, Myanmar.

Currently, the people of Burma/Myanmar are actively and passionately engaged in the non-violent, Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) to protest the unconstitutional military coup that has taken over power from the legally elected National League for Democracy (NLD) that was about to form a new legitimate government on the first of February this year.

The strategy, chosen correctly, reflects the decision of the demonstrating masses to refrain from direct confrontation with the military and the police in order to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. Until now, the public have been taking intelligent care not to provoke the police nor the manipulators behind the coup to use force against the unarmed and peaceful demonstrators.

As a result, the military is using the state media as well as their own to spread disinformation that the non-occurance of violent clashes between the public and the armed forces testify to the former’s support of the coup. Indeed, a Chinese newspaper has published pictures of the police accepting roses from the demonstrators as the latter’s willing acceptance of the tense situation, when, in fact, the gesture was clearly a sign of non-confrontation by the people vis-a-vis the police (reminiscence of the university students and the public against the military police during the anti-Vietnam War demonstrations in the United States in the ’60s, and also at times and in places where the people come face to face with the armed personnel during peaceful protests. Tienanmen is still fresh in our memory, still as fresh as the courageous and valiant yellow umbrella movement of the people of Hong Kong).

Hence, it would be a gross misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the real situation and intention of the public resistance at ground-level to even assume that the people support the military, which has not only burglarized the country but also robbed the legitimacy of the popular government.

Does the world wish to witness unimaginable (but almost imminent on the part of the coup-stagers) rampant acts of unrestrained slaughter on the streets, in the parks, in monasteries, in schools and universities, in offices, in public buildings and public spaces to wake up to the fact that there IS a situation going on in Burma/Myanmar and that the people are putting their precious lives at risk in the face of perpetrators prepared-and-willing to kill?

If the world wants a spectacle, it shall have one. Only will it have the conscience to stop it before it has begun?

– Zeyar Lynn

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