Sorry, no issues today bro,

Says he between his red stained teeth
the operator of the wrecking ball
As he spits out his betel-juice
Life’s ok..the world’s still there..why fret?
The immigrants never left their war torn cities
Who ever said there was a war?
Black flags never flew over terrorized rivers
The old world’s sweet dream of humanity undisturbed
Another glob of red juice on the public road
Then the ball comes crashing
Whose soul to save?
Who’s safe, who’s sole?
Who’s whole? Whose whole? (hole)?
My chicken bone I’m chewing on
as sweet as Brussels
Or degendered Manhattan or New York’s
Rattan cane to keep things in (dis)order
I ask my tongue where it hurts
It rolls against the teeth and gets nowhere
The same place the ball comes from
What’s a(n) (e)-ur-opium country?
Smash! Kher lwannnnn!
Oops! No, prob! Just another devel-
Oping country and ‘our’ tin peepot dick
Tator who’ll kowtwow to our mission
Of man-i-fest dustiny
Another glob on the world
Red, but not the dawn of the prole-
Lariat…ka boom…no kissin in the tree-top
The desert’s here and now
The now is now(here)
The 1,200 lb ball of forged steal swings
While I’m in a moulting stage….

Zeyar Lynn
24 Nov. ’17

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