One sea came into view, and behold, cucumbers!

…. anyway, note the different dreams and their eclipses
And allocate your world or war accordionly —- as I speared.
Then, pull the warrior’s beard that still holds some sandy light.
This serves to pilot your clouds further and decorate your blankness.
You might need to halve a pear or appeal to pearly denial. However,
Don’t assume a centerfold pose, cold and waiting, yet persisting —
Always be stones to day’s glass mansions, be passionate to a full-blown
Kitty. Restraint, my dear supernova/supremeova, is the order of the hours
That you didn’t sign for, but , which, for butter or arse, is now yours.
In summary, to do well in waking, you only need to enlist your portable
Self in the service of the Grim Sun of Darkness — you need to be in a relaxed
Space of mind with the ability to braid your seconds into bundles of —
Of what? Bombs? Bones? Beans? Breasts? Babushkas? Bayonets? The
Choice is yours to suffer and to sicken like a soggy dick of a duck after
A watery fuck. If you can equip yourself with mountain air and peacock
Droppings and train yourself to skip over the moon, success is almost
Guaranteed as the tree of morning surely bears the fruit of disillusionment.
We’ll be holding a mutinous orgy next page in the Realism and Text
Cannibalism Centre to deal with ways in which you can toy yourself ef-
Fectively for a concept worth its cuntish cast over the edge of DESIRE
Unfurled, so fucking unfulfilled. Thanks. You are welcome of course.
Right, now are you ready for some sea food cooked in brine?

Zeyar Lynn
10 July, 2013

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